Confidence-based Assessment​

Our self-awareness assessments are specifically designed to address gaps in understanding and identify hidden knowledge.

Was it luck? Or judgement?

Your team are not simply asked question after question, they are also guided to reflect on their own confidence in the answers they are giving. This provides you with far more than a pass or fail result, it gives insight into the effectiveness of your training and the internalisation of important concepts.

Confidence panel
Confidence mobile
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Gain control, by creating your own assessments

There's no need to rely on anyone else. With our intuitive builder you can create a pool of questions, randomise them and set parameters without the help of a technical professional. Your assessments can then go live to your designated audience.​

Assess understanding in strategic areas​

Our multi-dimensional diagnostic tool provides richer technical and behavioural data. Accurately assess competency in strategic areas and then, understand individual's confidence levels in each of their responses.​ This in-depth analysis allows for customised and targeted training designed to close the learning gap.

Management dashboard

Easily interpret and assess the data from your assessments in order to understand the ability of you workforce. Allow this to help guide your decisions and to enact meaningful change.

Solution Confidence Dashboard

Tailor learning materials

Identify gaps in your people's understanding through easily understandable metrics, graphs and maps. Then tailor your learning materials to meet the specific needs of your workforce and to provide the learning investment where it counts.

Data to drive decisions

The performance data derived from the confidence based assessment can direct and justify investments in learning. Get strong data to drive busines decisions, align the knowledge of your workforce with your commercial strategy and gain the competitive edge.

Confidence report
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Solution Confidence course

Bespoke deployment, compatible to your learning platforms.​

Our confidence based assessments work with your existing platforms and will become the go-to tool for understanding the training and development your people deserve. ​

See our communication experience come to life

Lafarge Holcim
With our outstanding technical capability of executing a highly engaging, interactive 3D simulation of the plant, our team created a safe environment in which Holcim’s people could learn from anywhere in the world.
Pioneering V-Learning design that delivered engaging campaigns to thousands of employees, entirely in Virtual Reality.
Bringing together the information and operations of the air traffic control network through e-learning courses delivered through our LMS.