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The most effective way to train people, build capabilities, enhance collaboration, enact effective change and measure progression. Now fully integrated in Microsoft Teams.

A unique journey, shaped around you

Through building an understanding of the unique individual needs, a personalised experience is created for each one of your people. As a result, every interaction and engagement within the portal contributes to continuous personal growth and professional development.

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Solution LXP Learning Path

Each learning pathway is based on the personal user’s profile – their skills and capabilities, all of which contribute to their development experience.

Attain the core, specialist and leadership skills required to realise your goals through e-learning courses, digital classrooms, mentorship and essential skills development.

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Join Communities

Connect with everyone in your professional community to share knowledge, join discussions and build your network. Start shaping your own journey by discovering additional capabilities that are useful to your job.

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Bespoke unique notifications

Through notifications and customised learning paths, individuals are guided towards specific materials and online courses tailored to their objectives. At the same time the inherent interconnectivity has created an online community that provides support and promotes discussion, leaving no-one behind.

Personalised Account

Each employee’s unique space allows them to view their learning history, customise their playlists, receive unique notifications and use intelligent search capabilities to shape their personal development. The ease of use and depth of information available drives curiosity, positivity and ambition across the whole of your organisation.

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By fully integrating with your LMS...

...our learning portal seamlessly connects every user with the relevant learning material required to realise their aspirations.

See our communication experience come to life

accenture security
Creating new ways to engage and inform employees on the importance of cyber security through interactive, immersive e-learning.
Pioneering V-Learning design that delivered engaging campaigns to thousands of employees, entirely in Virtual Reality.
Bringing together the information and operations of the air traffic control network through e-learning courses delivered through our LMS.